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RE'CETTE commitment and thoughts

1. Delivering freshly made skin care products just for you.

Just like ingredients, it is absorbed by the body, so we want you to use fresh ingredients.With that in mind, we will formulate a prescription from scratch based on the results of the customers skin diagnosis and counseling, and work on the production from there. There are no existing products.I want to deliver skin care products that make you feel good about using them, and I want to help you with skin care every day.


2. Support only by visiting the store

While many companies conduct online skin diagnosis, our company offers face-to-face skin diagnosis and counseling only. In fact, counseling alone is not sufficient for analysis, and skin diagnosis using photographs taken at home may result in discrepancies in the diagnosis results depending on the shooting environment.

In order to thoroughly deliver the best skin care to our customers, we will conduct a reliable diagnosis.


3. Minimize preservatives. Reduce skin irritation to the limit and provide the best nutrition.

Regular cosmetics contain a certain amount of preservatives to ensure quality.


4. Uses only natural ingredients for scents and oils

No chemical fragrances are used for fragrance, only essential oils are used.

We would like to enhance the relaxing effect with natural scents and deliver the skin-beautifying ingredients contained in essential oils to your skin.

We also stick to natural oils taken from nature, and aim for beautiful skin skin care with the blessings of nature.

First of all, I would be happy if you could come and visit us for skin analysis and counseling.

All the RE'CETTE staff

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