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Cosmetics OEM business
Original Equipment Manufacturing

Cosmetics OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) refers to the manufacturing of cosmetics by a contracted company on behalf of the customer.

Our company conducts research and development focusing on basic cosmetics, skin care products, and hair care products.

We operate as an OEM manufacturer that can provide high-quality cosmetics that meet the wishes of our customers, such as「I want to manufacture cosmetics made in Japan」or

「I want to sell cosmetics under my own brand.」

We give shape to the cosmetics that our customers envision and develop products that satisfy them.

We can accept orders from small lots. Please feel free to contact us.

complexion check

​ Flow until commercialization

Concept setting / hearing

We will listen to your needs and propose a product concept that meets your needs.

Formulation development

We develop prescriptions for products that meet your needs.

We will propose the effects, effects, usability, etc. that suit the product.

Examination of prototype

Please examine the finished prototype.
We will repeat the prototype until you are satisfied, and then decide the final product specifications.

Contents decision / rough estimate

Once the content is decided, we will prepare the necessary materials for the product, such as the raw materials, containers, and cosmetic boxes to be used.

After the specifications are decided, we will give you an estimate.

Pharmaceutical affairs application

We will apply for the pharmaceutical affairs necessary for commercialization in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.


We manufacture and produce cosmetics under strict quality control in factories.

After finishing, we will inspect the product and deliver it.

follow up

We offer a wide range of follow-up services even after the delivery of products, including repeat requests for products and proposals for additions to renewal series.

We will flexibly respond to customer requests.

Please feel free to contact us.

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