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Made-to-order cosmetics
We offer completely made-to-order cosmetics with the only prescription for you in the world. We not only analyze the skin scientifically from all angles, but also talk about long-standing skin concerns and what kind of skin you want to have, together with our customers, we will approach optimal skin care.

We will flexibly respond to customer preferences such as ingredients, price, and fragrance, so please feel free to contact us.
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Original Equipment Manufacturing
Original Design Manufacturing

I want to manufacture MADE IN JAPAN cosmetics

As an OEM manufacturer that can provide high-quality cosmetics that meet the wishes of our customers, such as

I want to sell cosmetics under our own brand, we also carry out custom manufacturing operations.

[Examples of available products]

Skin care (cosmetics, serum, emulsion, etc.)

Oral care (toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.)

Hair care (hair restorer, shampoo, hair oil, etc.)

Toiletries (perfume, deodorant, cleaning related)




houga Leaf&Clay Washing

houga Leaf & Clay Washing
Green Leaf Mud Foam Face Wash

Green leaves x mineral mud x triple hyaluronic acid
Comes with a special foaming net to achieve a comfortable wash with a sticky foam. The power of mud removes dirt smoothly, and the green leaves and triple hyaluronic acid make your skin plump and moisturized after washing your face.


Deep cleansing mask

Thorough adsorption care for accumulated dirt with the power of natural bamboo charcoal powder

Restores the original beauty of the skin and makes it clear.

A wash-off type pack that can be used on wet skin for easy care.

Floral Water Cream

floral water cream
Second arrival water protection moist frost

An all-in-one moisturizing cream that combines lotion, serum, and milky lotion. Contains lavender flower water and oil extracted from natural lavender.
A new sensation texture that is made possible by the handmade method, where the cream turns into water and continues to be moisturized.

Deep cleansing mask (pack)
black transparent white frozen membrane

BLESS image.png


Quasi-drug Breath Dental Rinse (10 mL x 15 packets)

Individually packaged cassis and berry flavored dental rinse containing more than 99% naturally derived ingredients
Formulated with active ingredients allantoin and cymene-5-ol to exhibit various effects such as prevention of tooth decay and bad breath
It looks luxurious and is perfect for gifts

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A uniquely formulated eyelash serum created through thorough research on eyelashes.
Contains the recommended amount of two eyelash beauty ingredients, Capixyl and Wide Lash, for beautiful, ideal eyelashes with firmness, elasticity, and suppleness.

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