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Breath Dental Rinse

Individually wrapped type that contains more than 99% of naturally derived ingredients
Cassis and Berry Flavored Dental Rinse
Contains the active ingredients allantoin and cymene-5-ol
Various effects such as prevention of tooth decay and bad breath
It looks luxurious and is perfect for gifts

​Quasi drug

Refined taste of cassis and berries

Available anytime, anywhere

The flavor of cassis and berries has a slightly elegant taste with a low alcohol content.
The dental rinse penetrates every corner of the mouth, sterilizes and thoroughly removes bacteria that cause problems in the mouth, and also removes stickiness and yellowing of the mouth.
A compact size individual packaging pouch that can be used as a toothpaste substitute anytime, anywhere when going out. Oral care can be done quickly even when there is not much time, such as after lunch or before a meeting or discussion.

Contents: 10 mL x 15 packets

Ingredient display

[Wetting agent] Sorbitol liquid, tea extract-1, angelica extract-1, hop extract, burnet extract, oolong tea extract, dokudami extract, BG [cooling agent] ethanol, absolute ethanol, menthol [flavoring agent] xylitol, stevia extract [preservation Agent] Methylparaben [pH adjuster] Anhydrous citric acid, Na citrate [Medicinal ingredients] Allantoin, cymen-5-ol [Coloring agent] Caramel [Adhesive] Fragrance

Special ingredients

- Main Ingredients -

​medicinal ingredient