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Eyeris Eyelash Serum 5mL

A unique prescription that has been thoroughly researched repeatedly and stuck to the eyelashes!

Don't worry about your eyelashes anymore!

To bright and beautiful eyelashes

"Eyeris" eyelash serum is finally here!


Two types of eyelash serum ingredients

◆ Capixyl

◆ Wide rush

Firmly blend the recommended amount


Contains apple fruit culture cell extract

Moisturizes and protects eyelashes after gentle application!


Mineral oil, synthetic coloring, synthetic fragrance,

of petroleum-based surfactants, silicones, and UV absorbers

6 additive-free and gentle on the skin


Moisturizes damaged eyelashes with every application,

For healthy, beautiful eyelashes with firmness, firmness, and suppleness


Of course, those who have false eyelashes and eyelash perms can also use it!

Because it uses soft and fine flocky type bristles,

It does not damage the eyelashes and is easy to apply firmly to every corner.


A shortcut to beautiful ideal eyelashes

Please try "Eyeris" eyelash serum once!


Eyeris Eyelash Serum 5mL

  • Keep your eyelashes clean and be careful not to get it in your eyes.

    Twice a day in the morning and evening, gently apply from the hairline of the upper and lower eyelashes.

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